Engineering Thermoplastic Resins

We stock a wide range high quality virgin and reprocessed Engineering grade resins. Compared to commodoties, engineering grade plastics have improved mechanical and thermal properties such as rigidity and impact strength. In addition to many leading brands, we also carry our own proprietary line of "PRO" resins. Due to our sophisticated compounding technology, we also have the ability to compound and color any of these resins to your specifications. Listed below are just a few of the resins we offer.







We offer a wide range of custom and specialty color plastic materials. Using our advanced color matching technology, we can create colors from scratch and match virtually any pre-existing color with a very high degree of accuracy. We are experienced with many specialty colors effects including pearlescents, granite, metallics, fluorescents, and phosphorescents (glow-in-the-dark). These colors can be produced in the various forms listed below.


Color Concentrate (Masterbatch)

A color concentrate is a high concentration of pigment and additive pelletized into a compatible carrier material. This concentrate is custom color matched to your specifications and can be processed and fully dispersed into the final product without the need for high intensity mixing capability. Various additives can be included in the concentrate to improve processing and add various properties. We offer concentrates that can be used at 1%, 2%, 4%, 6%, and 8% let down ratios. Benefits include:  

-Low operating cost

-Processing flexibility

-Reduced inventory cost

-Short lead times


Pre-color Compounds

A pre-color is a pre-matched custom color material. This product is simply your polymer of choice, colored to your specifications. Just as in concentrates, additives can be utilized to improve processing and add various properties such as UV stabilization and flame retardant. Benefits include:

-Minimal color processing

-Superior lot-to-lot consistency

-Preferable for highly crtitical jobs


Specialty Filled Compounds

A Specialty filled compound is a plastic polymer filled with another agent to extend its physical properties. Below is a list of filters we use and the properties they introduce:

-Calcium carbonate - impact modification and reinforcement

-Glass bead - reinforcement

-Glass fiber - reinforcement, increased regidity<

-Aramid Fiber (kevlar™) - reinforcement, increased regidity<

-Carbon Fiber - reinforcement, increased regidity

-PTFE (Teflon™) - reduced surface friction

-Talc - impact modifier and reinforcement


Dry Color

Dry-color is a custom formulation of dry powder (pigments and additives) tailor made to fit your application. This product is very messy, difficult to work with, and has several environmental implications. Benefits include:

-Minimal cost

-Minimal lead time


Material reprocessing/pelletizing

Utilizing our on-site extrusion technology we can process nearly any type of thermoplastic resin.


Our Equipment allows us to uniformly blend multiple resins.

Part Granulating

We can granulate small plastic parts for resale or further processing.



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